Loren L. Gold

I was born in Chicago and have been a South Florida resident since the age of 4. I fondly recall many weekends spent with my Dad, fishing the clear waters of Biscayne Bay and the Florida Keys, and watching the humble beginnings of the Miami Dolphins grow to become Super Bowl champions. We attended every home game in the Orange Bowl during the magical Perfect Season of 1972. It was a special time growing up in South Florida in the 1960’s and 1970’s. I enjoy collecting memorabilia from the ’72 team. It was a thrill to attend the 2 day, 30th reunion event and meet and speak with legendary players and coaches.

I have been a vinyl record and audio enthusiast since the ’70s, so much that I even worked in a vinyl record store. I now enjoy putting together vintage ’70s stereo sound systems. After many years of singing karaoke together, my son Josh and I now participate in local open mics. We enjoy going to concerts and have been fortunate to meet several performers.

My Father, Herb Gold, escaped from Nazi Germany in 1937 at the age of 10. Dad attended High School in Chicago, where he learned the mechanical trade. He was a marine engine mechanic on PT Boats in the Philippines during World War II. Later in Chicago, Dad worked as a refrigeration mechanic and moved to Miami and ran his own air conditioning business. He has been a great example of strength, tenacity and stamina.

My mother, Charleen, was a very kind and gentle lover of animals and nurtured my early enthusiasm for books, learning and schoolwork. She also introduced me to science fiction literature, film and television, which I enjoy to this day. Tragically, she lost her battle with cancer when I was 9.

My Stepmom, Shirley, possessed excellent social skills and introduced me to her very engaging, inspiring and challenging friends who encouraged me to be independent in thought, action, and to pursue my professional career. We shared an appreciation of music, art, philosophy, and healthy living.

Starting in 10th grade and through graduate school, I worked in sales and customer service at Say Service, Inc., my dad’s air conditioning business. I learned about running a small business during the South Florida building boom, which was due in part to the introduction of central air conditioning systems. The customer service skills that I gained over fifty years ago are incorporated every day at Loren L. Gold, P.A.

I earned my B.S. in Economics from Florida State University in 1980, receiving the distinction of Cum Laude. Due to my love for our fisheries, I  helped determine the economic value of Florida’s Marine Fishery Industry and I worked at the FSU Library reading live and recording textbook assignments, to help the visually disabled. While in graduate school, I worked in the Governor’s Office at the Department of Revenue and Economic Analysis and received my M.S. in Economics from FSU in 1982. My studies in Economics were fueled by my passion to achieve economic justice; additionally, they honed my intellect and provided for me an analytical perspective that I use in helping people to this day.

While in Law School, I worked at the Department of Natural Resources in the Division of Beaches and Shores because of my desire to protect the precious marine environment and natural resources. I also served as a research assistant in Law and Economics to Professor Don Weidner. Furthermore, inspired by my desire to aid the financially struggling, I interned at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Tallahassee.

I received my J.D. from Florida State University in 1988.

After graduation, I was hired by The Travelers Insurance Company as a commercial claims adjuster for national corporations. Having experience working for the defense as a claims adjuster provides great insight into the inner workings of claim departments of insurance companies and how individual claims are viewed, investigated, handled and evaluated. It has given me a perspective that is invaluable in achieving economic justice for each particular client of mine.

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