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If you are the victim of a personal injury- including any work related injuries, car accidents, slip and fall, medical malpractice, defective products- including adverse health effects stemming from JUUL usage-, and animal bites-seek our trustworthy, competent representation from our Ft. Lauderdale based practice as soon as possible.

“All Around Great!

5 Stars

July 18, 2016

Loren is truly a dedicated, caring, qualified and thorough lawyer! He was always available to answer every question, whether by phone or email. His staff was very accommodating and as thorough as Loren. He went  over everything and step by step explained the laws and various scenarios so I was fully prepared whatever the outcome was. After the trauma and stress of an accident, a lawyer is always recommended, but a GREAT lawyer is hard to come by. Loren is by far one of the GREAT lawyers in Broward! With all those radio and TV ads that recommend lawyer services, it was nice to find a simple person that cut to the chase and didn’t just try to tell you what you wanted to hear. I am pleased to recommend Loren and happy to say I already have done so to friends and family going through similar situations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Loren as he won’t let you down.”

Sample Cases

  • Premises Liability; Heel and Ankle Fractures | $240,000 | Defective Metal Staircase
  • Premises Liability; Burns & Disfigurement  | $200,000 | Minor Child

Fee Information:
We offer a free initial consultation and do not charge if your case does not recover. If we recover on your case, our contingency fees are 33 % to 40 %.

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