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I represent accident victims and family members for Personal Injury and Wrongful Death in a wide range of cases, from our Ft. Lauderdale practice. These cases include motor vehicle negligence and non-motor vehicle negligence. My clients have suffered from non-work related injuries, as well as work related with negligent third parties.

A few of the types of vehicles included in my representation are: cars, trucks, semi-tractor trailers, buses, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles. Additionally, I represent pedestrians who have been injured by motor vehicles.

Additionally, I represent clients who have suffered injuries due to the following reasons: slip and falls, trip and falls, crane and forklift accidents, hazardous conditions, defective and dangerous products, industrial and construction accidents, construction defects, improper design, mechanical and electrical failure, electrocution and burns, being struck by falling objects, falls from roofs, ladders, scaffolding and through unguarded openings.

Work Related Accidents are related to employment and may include negligent third parties, who can be pursued outside of the Workers’ Compensation system.

Business Interruption Insurance Claims

During the Coronavirus pandemic, while social distancing measures are utter imperatives for the public health, there will undeniably be immense losses of revenues to businesses. For example, the National Restaurant Association famously calculated that American Restaurants will lose $225 Billion over the next few months due to government closures. While as a business owner, you...

Car Accidents

Co Counseling and Concierge Services

We are proud to offer co-counseling and concierge relationships with our elite team of both criminal and civil litigators whose experience and legal knowledge may be more appropriate for the matters at hand, while always being available to provide guidance and assistance.

Medical Malpractice

Nursing Home, Home Health Agency, and CNA Negligence

Unfortunately, nursing home residents are all too often treated in such a neglectful manner that it violates their basic human dignity- an affront to all who believe in respecting their elders. Due to the recurrence of these issues, Florida legislators have even written and passed a measure to guarantee the rights of nursing home residents-...

Product Liability and Medical Devices Litigation

Personal Injury

Ride Sharing

Slip and Fall

Storm Damage Claims

After a hurricane or other large storm, while firm owners depend on insurance policies so as to repair necessary properties to resume businesses, oftentimes insurance companies- in seeking profit as a commercial firm like any other- underpay, delay or altogether deny legitimate claims. Some elements of a storm damage claim include, but are not limited...

Wrongful Death

Worker's Compensation

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